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US Club Registration Forms

R002-Y_-_Youth_Player_Registration_Form.doc - Click to download This is the form which is required of all players who are registering through their club with US Club Soccer.  This form serves as proof of insurance so Coaches are required to carry a copy of these at all US Club Sanctioned events and Nor Cal league games.

US Club Player Loan form PlayerLoanForm-ver2.0.doc - Click to Download form

US CLUB Background Check - Click Link Complete Background Check 

Coaches Code of Conduct Form - Doc Coming soon 

Parents Code of Conduct Form - Doc Coming Soon

NORCAL Sportsmanship  - Please Review before the season





Managers Requirements for Website Photos

Tips for web article submission to GALT FC

  • Provide Team name and Event
  • Try to keep story if possible to a 1-2 Paragraphs
  • Please submit your top 2 Photos with resolution of 1000 H * 400 Pixels H or Greater
  • If you have questions send a email to the  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

GALT FC Facebook Page

  • Photos can be uploaded to the Galt FC organization Facebook page as well if you have a facebook account.

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