Our Mission at GALT FC is to create an affordable alternative to the "pay to play" model of soccer and establish a nonprofit competitive program in our area. Galt FC will create an opportunity for each player who has the desire to compete at a higher level to play the great game of soccer and develop their skills at a rate the recreational model can't match.

We offer seasonal soccer to year round programs that compete in a variety of competitions; including the Norcal Premiere League(s), State Cup and US Club Sanctioned Tournaments. Galt FC teams play in a variety of brackets including Copper/Bromze, Silver, GOLD, and Premier Divisions in the NorCal Premier League.

Galt Staff Coaches practice the age appropriate training curriculums of US Soccer, NSCAA, USSF and practice technical development methods endorsed by professional Clubs such as Dinamo Academy, ATLAS, and Fiorintina to insure that players develop as they progress through the various age groups and can reach the critical development milestones prior to competing at the Academy age level.

We also identify our gifted and most committed players for involvement in regional and national soccer programs such as PDP, ID2, and the US Soccer MTC program.

For our student athletes in U14+ age groups we have a College Preparatory Program (CPP) to help players prepare for college regardless to their decision to compete at the collegiate level, and we work with local institutions to insure our players have the facts about what it will take them to succeed on and off of the pitch!

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