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Walter recently came and visited the Galt FC Strikers, and watched some american soccer.  This young mans story should be a inpiration to all.

When he was an infant, Walter was the victim of a brutal and senseless Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) attack. He was travelling in the family car with his parents and his sister, Angela, when the rebels struck.

 “There was two soldiers behind, and in-front, and on either side. So they told us to get out of the car and we started running and they shoot us so we fall down” Walter said.

Walter’s parents were killed, Angela was shot through the neck and Walter was shot in the face. The children, wounded and unmoving on the side of the road, were left for dead by the rebels. It was only minutes before word spread and help arrived.

“Reverend Sam [Childers] came with the SPLA (Sudanese People’s Liberation Army) and they took us to Gulu hospital”.

For several months the children were rehabilitated. Angela learnt to walk again but Walter required specialist care. Sam took Walter to America, where surgeons repaired his eye socket and fitted a glass eye.

After the surgery, Walter returned to Sudan and for a short time lived at The Children’s Village in Nimule.
“The Children’s Village was good. You play with many children…playing football, doing many kinds of things…you feed well, drink well. Very nice” Walter said.

It wasn’t long before Walter and Angela moved to the Angels of East Africa mission home in the Ugandan capital of Kampala.


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